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【图文】Artificial turf wire drawing machine equipment as long as the characteristics

time:2024-3-28 10:59:00

Artificial turf wire drawing machine equipment as long as the characteristics

The single wire machine is mainly composed of extruder, head, cooling water tank, five-roll pulling machine, hot water tank, five-roll pulling machine, hot air oven, five-roll pulling machine, hot air oven, oil tank, five-roll pulling machine, horizontal single ingot winder, electric control box. Today we mainly to understand its characteristics and some precautions.

First, monofilament machine features:

1, the use of mixed type high strength alloy steel screw, with good plasticizing performance, uniform extrusion, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and other advantages.

2. Novel die structure, easy replacement of filter screen, uniform size of spinneret and spinneret made of heat-resistant alloy.

3, five roller pulling machine set linkage device to achieve synchronous speed adjustment.

4, cold and hot water tank made of stainless steel plate, never rust.

5, horizontal winding by torque motor to achieve single wire winding. Hydraulic wire discharge, smooth winding, low noise, energy saving, good reliability.

Second, the use of monofilament machine precautions:

1, according to the production task list and process requirements, measure whether the diameter meets the requirements, check the surface quality, whether oxidation, there is no burr, abrasion and other phenomena, the surface of the wire with oil and dust should be wiped and cleaned before the car can be rewound. Take-up reel can not be too full, Φ400 ~ Φ630 Take-up reel from the distance between the two sides of the plate edge should be 10mm ~ 30mm.

2, the console of the equipment and equipment are not allowed to place any items. The operator must have a strong sense of responsibility, consciously abide by the process discipline and process operating procedures, the correct use and maintenance of equipment.

3, adhere to the shift system, and carefully fill in the operation of the equipment on duty. The operator should be familiar with the performance of the equipment, the analysis of the operation requirements of the monofilm machine, and the "three good" and "four good". When the operator goes to and from work, he must wipe the equipment and clean the work site.