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Plastic rope net round wire drawing machine

time:2024-3-28 10:58:47
Plastic rope net round wire drawing machine
Detailed introduction:

Plastic wire drawing machine is the use of polypropylene, high-density ethylene as the main raw materials, plastic wire drawing machine through heating, extrusion, wire cutting, stretching to form a flat wire after winding for circular weaving machine. The wire drawing machine has been improved several times, and then flat wire can be drawn entirely from raw, powder or granular materials. Then the screw and barrel of the extruder are made of alloy steel, and the hardness can reach Hv950 or more after nitriding treatment. It achieves the standard of hard gear reducer made of 20CrMnTi alloy steel extruder, sprocket using 45# medium carbon steel by high-frequency quenching treatment, traction roller electroplating hard chromium, traction mechanism to increase the automatic tension winding roller, extruder cylinder, tee and film head using cast aluminum heating ring heating, so as to durability only purpose.


SYL plastic rope net round wire drawing machine

Monofilament manufacturing machine for rope&nets

SLY plastic wire mesh round wire drawing machine

Monofilament manufa machine for rope&nets





1)Use raw materialsRaw material:PP:PE

1)Use raw materialsRaw material:PP:PE


2)Monofilament specificationDia of monofilament:Ø0.12-Ø0.3mm

2)Monofilament specificationDia of monofilament:Ø0.12-Ø0.3mm

螺杆直径Screw diameter