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Twin-screw granulator

time:2024-3-28 10:58:47
Twin-screw granulator
Detailed introduction:

With twin-screw modified extruder and twin-screw mixing extruder as the main machine, since it combines the advantages of twin-screw granulator without drawing bar, and combines the advantages of twin-screw strong shear force and good mixing effect, it is especially suitable for powder material, hard sheet material, and powder and hard sheet mixture of modified granulation. For reinforcement modification, filling modification, blending modification, coloring modification, toughening modification of extrusion granulation have excellent performance, in addition, as a representative of the twin-screw modified granulation machine, in the color master batch processing, cable material granulation processing have a large number of applications. Twin-screw granulator machine mainly has central automatic control, DC frequency conversion system, alloy hard gear reducer and transmission box, distributor, And twin-screw automatic feeding system, special heater combined with cooling system of precision temperature control assembly, digital intelligent instrument, vacuum exhaust system, as well as supporting hydraulic non-stop net change, die surface straight cutting water ring system, water supply system, frequency conversion cutting car, particle dehydration and vibration screening, cyclone drying and filling system, etc. In addition to the helix design with high technical content, the all-alloy twin screw has excellent performance in silence and anti-wear, and is optional equipment for the opposite manufacturer

Main technical parameters



Screw diameter (mm)



Host 13:1 Secondary 9:1

Reduction gear

ZLYJ main machine: Type 173 Auxiliary machine: type 133

Extrusion capacity (kg/h)


Heating ring Power (kw)

Main 22-30 auxiliary: 11

Motor power (kw)


Overall dimensions (mm)

Main machine 2010*850*1050 auxiliary machine 1500*650*750

Equipment weight (kg)


Equipment Power Supply (v)