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【原创】A Brief Discussion on the Working Principles of Linear Drawing Machines by Monofilament Machine Manufacturers_What are the Widespread Applications of Monofilament Finished Products Produced by Monofilament Machines

time:2024-3-28 10:58:00

For plastic rope net circular wire drawing machines, plastic rope net circular wire drawing machines, and other issues, everyone already has an understanding. Regarding "A Brief Discussion on the Working Principles of Linear Drawing Machines by Monofilament Machine Manufacturers_What are the Widespread Applications of Monofilament Finished Products Produced by Monofilament Machines"? Many people may not be familiar with it yet, but today we will familiarize ourselves with experts!

【原创】单丝机厂家浅谈直线拉丝机工作原理 单丝机生产的单丝成品应用广泛哪方面

Fulin Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of various single wire machines, drawing machines, and circular wire machines. Since its establishment, we have always adhered to the concept of honest management and pursuit of excellence, focusing on product quality, craftsmanship, and product service. For many years, single wire machines and other products have been highly favored by customers. Once again, we thank many new and old customers for their support to our company. We will continue to innovate and upgrade our products to meet the needs of market development and production.

Generally, wire drawing machine equipment can be divided into various types based on the diameter of the drawn wire, such as large wire drawing machine, medium wire drawing machine, small wire drawing machine, etc. According to the material of the wire, it can be divided into plastic drawing machines, stainless steel drawing machines, copper wire drawing machines, cutting wire drawing machines, etc. Today, the manufacturer of single wire drawing machines, Ruisheng, will provide a detailed introduction to the working principle of linear drawing machines.

When the wire drawing machine is in operation, a small continuous production equipment composed of multiple drawing heads can pull steel wires and other materials to the required specifications in one go through step-by-step drawing. However, due to the continuous reduction of steel wire diameter through each stage of drawing, the working line speed of each drawing head should also change. According to the different configuration of the drawing die, the drawing speed of each drawing head also needs to change. The working speed of each drawing head of the linear wire drawing machine is based on the above formula to ensure synchronous operation of each drawing head.

The above are all steady-state working processes based on ideal conditions. Due to errors in mechanical transmission and gaps in mechanical transmission, as well as dynamic working processes such as starting, accelerating, decelerating, and stopping, each drawing head cannot maintain synchronization. So, most straight wire drawing machines now have tension sensors that dynamically measure the tension of the steel wires between each drawing head, convert the tension into a standard signal, and use this standard signal to feedback to the speed control frequency converter. The frequency converter uses this signal for closed-loop PID process control, and adds the adjustment amount calculated by PID to the main speed to maintain the tension of each tension detection point constant. Single wire drawing machine manufacturers discuss the working principle of straight wire drawing machines to ensure consistency in straight wire drawing.

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Various types of monofilament machines, including artificial lawn drawing machines, zipper monofilament machines, nylon monofilament machines, brushing monofilament machines, fishing line monofilament machines, etc., are one of our company's main equipment. Their high productivity and high-quality monofilament products have attracted attention from various aspects. The single filament products produced by our company are widely used. Let's take a detailed look.

Sewing thread: There are different specifications of sewing thread, such as 0.08mm, 0.10mm, 0.12mm, 0.16mm, etc. The sewing thread used in daily life is often mainly in black and white colors, mainly used in clothing and ribbon products.

Nylon mesh: Nylon mesh includes: (nylon blend,) nylon mesh, polyethylene mesh, sunshade mesh, etc. Widely used for plant shading, seawater aquaculture, flour processing, nylon screen printing, pharmaceuticals, paint filtration, well drilling and pipe wrapping, etc. In addition, a new type of summer sandal is also seen made from nylon mesh fabric made of soft materials. The application of nylon mesh is not only limited to industrial and agricultural fields, but also feasible breakthroughs in shoe materials.

Nylon/polyester monofilament: Specifications: ranging from 0.10 mm to 3.00 mm in diameter. The product features good thread toughness and is not easy to break. Therefore, it is used as decorative tape, woven tape, and various industrial threads, fishing thread, adhesive tape monofilament, and tire thread.

Fishing line: The line hung on the fishing rod during fishing. Similar to the silk spit out by spiders, it is very thin yet sturdy. Fishing line is a commonly used line in daily life. Fishing lines are not only used for fishing, but also for tying things in our daily lives.

The monofilament machine is suitable for producing nylon or acrylic monofilaments for paper blankets, filter fabrics, and filter nets. It is also suitable for manufacturers to produce monofilament products using monofilament machines. It is widely used in the production of fishing lines, kite lines, toothbrush threads, etc., and occupies an important position in daily life.

Is it helpful for you to introduce the working principle and other issues of the linear drawing machine manufacturer mentioned above? If it's helpful, please continue to follow the introduction of our plastic rope net round wire drawing machine!

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