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The application range and main characteristics of artificial lawn drawing machine

time:2023-3-19 11:10:00

  The artificial lawn wire drawing machine is widely used in the production and pre-processing of metal products such as steel wires, rope making wires, prestressed steel wires, and standard parts. The main function is to ensure that the diameter, roundness, internal metallographic structure, surface smoothness, and straightening of wire or bar meet the raw material processing requirements required for the production of standard metal products. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of uniform thickness, smoothness, resistance to wire breakage, high work efficiency, and low energy consumption. Now let's have a detailed understanding of the main characteristics of the artificial lawn drawing machine.

  1、Adopting a dedicated high-speed motor control chip DSP, ensuring fast response of vector control, wide voltage input, automatic voltage stabilization (AVR) of output voltage, instant power failure without stopping, and stronger adaptability.

  2、Built in advanced PID algorithm, fast response, strong adaptability, and simple debugging; 16 speed control, simple PLC to achieve multifunctional logic control such as timing, fixed speed, and orientation, with multiple flexible control methods to meet various complex working conditions, is an advanced production equipment.

  3、Built in national standard MODBUS RTU ASCII communication protocol, users can achieve centralized control of frequency converter 485 communication network through PC/PLC control of upper computer, etc. No PG vector control, PG vector control, torque control, V/F control can be selected. The structure adopts an independent air duct design, and the fan can be freely disassembled, with good heat dissipation.