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Introduction to the Working Principle of Linear Drawing Machine by monofilament machine Manufacturers

time:2024-3-28 10:58:00

       Changzhou Fulin Machinery, a well-known manufacturer of monofilament machines, is a professional manufacturer of various monofilament machines, drawing machines, and circular wire machines. Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the concept of honest operation and pursuit of excellence, focusing on product quality, craftsmanship, and product service. For many years, monofilament machines and other products have been favored by customers. Once again, we thank many new and old customers for their support to our company. We will continue to innovate and upgrade our products to meet the needs of market development and production.

       Generally, wire drawing machine equipment can be divided into various types based on the diameter of the drawn wire, such as large wire drawing machine, medium wire drawing machine, small wire drawing machine, etc. According to the material of the wire, it can be divided into plastic drawing machines, stainless steel drawing machines, copper wire drawing machines, cutting wire drawing machines, etc. Today, the manufacturer of single wire drawing machines, Fulin Machinery, will provide a detailed introduction to the working principle of linear drawing machines.

       When the wire drawing machine is in operation, a small continuous production equipment composed of multiple drawing heads can pull steel wires and other materials to the required specifications in one go through step-by-step drawing. However, due to the continuous reduction of steel wire diameter through each stage of drawing, the working line speed of each drawing head should also change. According to the different configuration of the drawing die, the drawing speed of each drawing head also needs to change. The working speed of each drawing head of the linear wire drawing machine is based on the above formula to ensure synchronous operation of each drawing head.

       The above are all steady-state working processes based on ideal conditions. Due to errors in mechanical transmission and gaps in mechanical transmission, as well as dynamic working processes such as starting, accelerating, decelerating, and stopping, each drawing head cannot maintain synchronization. So, most direct drawing machines now have tension sensors that dynamically measure the tension of the steel wires between each drawing head, convert the tension into a standard signal, and use this standard signal to feedback to the speed control frequency converter. The frequency converter uses this signal for closed-loop PID process control, overlaying the adjustment amount calculated by PID on the main speed to maintain constant tension at each tension detection point, thus ensuring consistent direct drawing.

       Our company has been producing wire drawing machines, single wire machines, and circular wire machines for many years, continuously introducing advanced foreign technologies, summarizing years of production experience, innovating and improving existing technologies to meet the needs of customers. Single wire machine manufacturer Fulin Machinery hopes that customers can also provide valuable opinions and suggestions during use to better improve the technology and process of wire drawing machines.