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Environmental Protection Design of Artificial Lawn Drawing Machine

time:2024-3-28 10:58:00

    At present, the plastic wire Drawing Machine on the market are all non drying exhaust energy-saving plastic wire drawing machines. The main feature of the machine is that there is an exhaust port on the material barrel, and the material barrel is connected to at least two or more sections. The pitch of the screw in the first section of the material barrel is different from that behind it, so there is no need for a plastic mixer to stir and it can suck out the water generated by the plastic during stirring. The plastic wire drawn is uniform in thickness, smooth, not easy to break, and has high work efficiency and low energy consumption.

    Determine whether the opening and closing of the safety door of the plastic wire drawing machine is normal, and whether the contact between the safety door of the plastic wire drawing machine and various limit switches and pressure relief valves is normal. Confirm whether the position of the safety guide rod is appropriate and whether it is locked tightly. Is the red emergency stop button on the front and rear operation boxes working properly to ensure the safety of the user. Do not start the machine when the barrel has not reached the preset temperature. To prevent metal fragments and debris from falling into the hopper, if processing recycled materials, a magnetic hopper needs to be added to prevent iron filings from entering the barrel. When using anti saliva, it is important to ensure that the plastic inside the barrel is completely melted to prevent damage to the transmission system components when the screw of the plastic drawing machine retreats. By ensuring the melting quality, increasing the melting rate, and reducing energy consumption, the screw speed can be increased and the material input can be increased, thereby increasing production. The homogenization section of the plastic drawing machine will further distribute the molten material evenly, improve product quality, and increase resistance, which can reduce the fluctuation of extrusion pressure and ensure the stability of extrusion volume. The mold device includes a tee and a mold body, and is equipped with a feeding port, a liquid storage chamber, a cover plate, and a discharge hole on both sides of the storage chamber. The bottom of the liquid outlet is milled with a long groove along the axis direction, and the plastic solution is extruded into a plastic film through the gap between two cutting plates with a 50-55 ° angle. The thickness of the liquid outlet of the plastic drawing machine can be adjusted by the adjusting screw on the cutting plate.