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Understand the structural composition of the artificial lawn drawing machine

time:2017-11-17 0:00:00

At present, there are many places in various cities that can use artificial lawns, such as common gate courts, golf courses, basketball courts, runways, football fields, tennis courts, baseball fields, hockey fields, etc. Artificial lawns have good decorative effects. Therefore, we need to improve the production efficiency and quality of professional equipment. Artificial turf has advantages such as good drainage performance, long service life, and low maintenance costs, and has gradually become a mainstream. The artificial lawn drawing machine is naturally our preferred equipment.


The structure of the artificial lawn drawing machine consists of the following parts:

Tube changing device: The tube changing device is jointly driven by the tube changing motor and cylinder to rotate to the appropriate winding position. The motor drives the rotor of the rotating frame through the reduction gear and chain until the head position detection sensor detects the stop gear; Then rotate the positioning cylinder of the rotating frame to make the rotor of the rotating frame rotate to the designated position and firmly clamp the stop block.

Head braking device: Electromagnetic energy consumption braking is non-contact and friction free braking. High braking torque and reliable operation. It inputs the direct current rectified by radial voltage reduction into the stator winding of the motor, thereby generating an electromagnetic torque opposite to the direction of rotation, in order to achieve electromagnetic energy consumption braking.

Wire arrangement device: The rotational motion is achieved by the wire arrangement motor through synchronous belt transmission, and the reciprocating motion is achieved by the servo motor through synchronous belt, rolling screw component, and linear bearing transmission. The reciprocating travel is between 50-200mm, and the reciprocating travel can be adjusted by changing the positions of the two limit sensors.

Winding head device: The head structure is a centrifugal expansion block type, composed of the head body, expansion block, expansion block key, pressure spring, front cover of the head, and back cover of the head. The entire machine head is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel materials. When the machine head rotates at high speed, under the action of centrifugal force, the expansion block supports the winding drum, and the fibers wrap around the surface of the winding drum.

During the use of the artificial lawn drawing machine, it is also necessary to pay attention to daily maintenance work, regularly check the conveyor belt and its tension (if the tension is too loose, please adjust it to moderate). Always maintain the external cleanliness and hygiene of the equipment, and check whether the gas supply pipeline and quick connectors are in good condition.