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Do you know the correct way to use a monofilament machine?

time:2017-11-27 0:00:00

Everyone knows that for any product, we need to use it correctly. Only by using it correctly in one step can you know how to ensure its longevity. And how should we use the monofilament machine correctly? Proper operation of a single filament machine can help maintain its performance and lifespan.

Operating requirements for monofilament machines:

1、According to the production task list and process requirements, measure whether the wire diameter meets the requirements, check the surface quality, whether there is oxidation, burrs, scratches, and other phenomena. If there is oil or dust on the surface of the wire, it should be wiped clean before getting on the car for rewinding. The reel cannot be filled too full, Φ 400~ Φ The distance between the installation distance of the 630 take-up reel and the edges of both sides of the board should be between 10mm and 30mm.

2、No items are allowed to be placed on the control console or device. Operators must have a strong sense of work responsibility, consciously abide by process discipline and operating procedures, and use and maintain equipment correctly.

3、Adhere to the handover system and carefully fill in the operation status of the equipment on duty. The operator should be familiar with the performance and structure of the equipment, and achieve "three excellences" and "four skills". When the operator hands over to and from work, they must wipe the equipment and clean the workplace.

Based on the above three points, it can be seen whether everyone is using the monofilament machine correctly! If you want to learn more about monofilament machines, you can directly contact the monofilament machine manufacturer for consultation!